GHRP-6 5mg

GHRP-6 5mg

GHRP-6 5mg

Buy GHRP-6 5mg by Ultima Pharma with the delivery to the USA and worldwide!

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Substance: GHRP Peptide

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Ultima Peptides has developed GHRP-6 which is an injectable Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide. This type of hexapeptide is able to produce human growth hormone (HGH) production in the body naturally by stimulating the pituitary gland, while simultaneously decreasing the amount of somatostatin which is known to limit the production of HGH in the body. Due to the increased amounts of growth hormones in the body, users will experience more flexibility in joints and ligaments, better muscle mass gains, increased fat loss, higher strength and endurance indicators, and better recovery times. Buy GHRP-6 5mg in our online store. It’s for sale at a good price, and can be shipped anywhere in the US by mail. 

Often times combined with GHRH analogues such as Mod GRF 1-29, the dosage amounts will stay the same regardless of the stacking. The recommended dosage for GHRP-6 is 1mcg for every kg that the user weighs. For example, if you weigh 100kg, the correct dosage is 100mcg. Doses are to be injected on an empty stomach, and should be taken no sooner than 30mins before a meal. Most users take up to 3 injections per day at equal intervals throughout the day. 

While side effects are not common, some users can experience side effects if the recommended dosage is exceeded. Having the same side effects that are associated with increased HGH, some of the other side effects that may be experienced exclusively with GHRP-6 include dizziness, hot flashes, and a tingling sensation in the hands or feet.  



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