My life has been very different since I changed my mind to take control of it in January, 2009.  A year and a half ago, I was a different person, feeling emotions of sadness, loneliness, depression, anger and self-pity.  All of this was contributing epithalon to my getting worse and eventually spiraling out of control to put me at my heaviest weight, separating me from my loved ones and taking me further away from the person I truly desired to be.

One day, I was looking at New Year’s Eve pictures and remembering back to how I was feeling that night.  Looking at myself in these pictures was a hard thing to face.  What I was looking at was a person who had lost control.  I started crying, thinking about how that night I was not with my friends, but in my own head, thinking negative thoughts about myself.  The fact that I couldn’t find one shirt to hide the rolls on my stomach started the thinking off that night.  I went to the mirror and looked at my reflection and began taking all my anger out on myself, telling myself I looked ugly and what have I done to myself.  Then I stopped.  I forced feelings of empathy, and pushed away the feelings of self-pity and self- degradation and really looked at myself from an objective point of view.  I felt sad for the woman I was looking at in the mirror.  I no longer knew who I was looking at.  I could not identify with the feelings I had “become.”  I knew it was now or never, because at that moment, I was actually controlling my feelings and I knew I had a short window of time before my other feelings took control again.  I didn’t let them.  The next day is when I changed it all.   I have continued to move forward ever since.

My life looks bpc-157 for sale us and feels a lot different now.  I am happier; I am proud of myself; I see my goals ahead of me and my future; I think positive and work hard at warding off the negative ones that come here and there; I have more confidence; my relationships are thriving; most importantly, I love myself more than I ever have.

This is my passion.  With this passion, I have found a great drive within me that was waiting to be found.  I have always been full of work ethic, timely, considerate of others, empathetic, caring, loving, understanding, a good listener, full of feelings, a deep thinker, but I found other things in myself that I never knew existed.

I want to help others reach the goals I have reached for myself.  I know what it’s like to be on the other side.  I also know what it’s like to be on this side.  There is a very thick line separating both sides that I believe with all my heart every person is capable of breaking down.

Yoda said, “Do or do not, there is no try.”  I think of that every day.  It’s all in your where to buy pt-141 mind.  Everything starts and ends in your mind. It’s about making things happen and always moving forward with a positive mindset.  Seeing it before it happens, as if it has already happened.  I will keep moving forward with this passion because I have to.

The Choice to Change Your Life

You’re sitting there thinking how you’ve been over this thought in your head a hundred different times. “Why can’t I just start?”
“I don’t have enough time.”
“I just won’t be able to do it.”
“I’m too big, it’s going to take too long.”

If any of those thoughts are running through your head, your thoughts are holding you back. A year ago, I was almost 40 pounds heavier. I was there. I kept sinking further and further into the dark and knew it. And I didn’t know how to stop myself. It was like, the further I would go (the bigger I got), the stronger the magnetism of where I didn’t want to continue going, was.

So here I was 40 pounds ago. I can tell you what it looked like, and you’ll probably have a very close understanding of the mental state I was in if you are doing and thinking the same things I was.

I was sad, lonely, angry, depressed, confused and so many more feelings that I was being eaten alive inside. Straight and to the point: I was unhappy with myself.

This is not a way to live. I finally decided that it was the last time I was going to try to change, this time, I was going to. Yoda said, “Do or do not…there is no try.” This relates exactly what I had to do that separated this time from all the other times. I wasn’t going to just try, I was going to commit to this more than I’ve ever committed to anything else in my entire life. It was time, I could not let myself get worse. And that’s how you have to jump into this, with your arms and mind completely open. Your direction MUST BE CLEAR. It must not ipamorelin buy have anything stand in the way, or else you could go right back to where you started. The most important part of starting is committing to yourself that you will not give up.

This is the hardest part for most people, and i know because I have been there and also because I continue to ask people what they are going through and what the hardest part is, and usually it is sticking with it. Usually there are the same 5 excuses as to why someone doesn’t want to commit to changing their lifestyle, aka, their mind. The most honest one I’ve heard is I’m just not ready. This is honest and it’s so true, you HAVE TO BE READY AND WILLING. Now if you can admit you aren’t, to me, you’re just telling me you haven’t decided that this is what you want. That you don’t want it bad enough. Because we all know, when we want something sooo bad, we will do anything to get it. I’ve thought this through over and over in my head, the psychology behind the inability to continue on and not give up. I believe it’s hard for humans to perservere and be patient for the results they are looking for after perservering. We wouldn’t perservere unless we wanted something in return. For me, through my journey, I’ve found that the perserverence is what my return is. To feel the power of what I feel when I push myself. Sure, I may not always see results right away, but I’ve given that need up for the positive feelings of pushing myself harder than anywhere else in my life allows me to push. It’s all in our mind. What we want. What we need. What we will do to get what we want or need. What we won’t do. What restraints we will choose to bring alive to keep us from the one thing we are scared of, failing. Perhaps this isn’t the truth for all of us, but I think there is some truth in that idea. Another truth is creating excuses because we know it will take too much time to get what we want, and we all are used to having what we want now in America, because that is how we have been trained. This is where we must train our minds to think in a different direction.

If it weren’t hard, everyone would have an amazing body. To this day, I have lost 37 pounds and am by no means near the best shape of my life I strive to work for, every day. In the front of my head, I know that that reality is in the distance, but it’s going to take a lot of more work and effort on my part and constant change to initiate new growth. It has taken me a year and a half to train my mind to be okay with this idea. I work on this way of understanding every day and apply it to other areas of my life.

Ashley Schutz AfterPlain and simple. You have to choose what you want. Don’t just say, I want to lose weight. That’s not a precise enough vision. You have to say, I know what I want to look like and how I want to live, and this is it. IF you have a vision of that in your head, you have already begun to make major efforts in the area of moving forward with your lifestyle, mind and body. The body comes last. First it’s the mind, training it and using it to empower yourself and move yourself into a different realm of thinking. Then come other feelings, feelings no2 pump of positivity, reinforcement, self love, confidence. Your mind is strengthening. Then your body catches up with the strengthening of the mind. If you are patient and UNDERSTAND what you are working towards and for, then you will have the understanding that it won’t come right away, that you have to work for it, as you work for a promotion. If someone just handed you a free house, how much would you really appreciate it, versus if you worked years to buy a home yourself, free and clear. (ok, I’m sure some of you are saying, hell yah I’d take a free house if it was offered to me, over working for it myself. My point is deeper)

It starts in your mind. Then comes your body. Then comes your mind again and again and again. You will find that if you continue on with this lifestyle, your life will change, because you are changing. When you embark on this journey, only positivity can come from making these types of choices for yourself and for your life. See, the real deal here is, anyone can have this lifestyle, they just have to choose to walk through the door and put the effort in that is required to keep the key to the door. The shame is, not many people have chosen to walk through the door, and behind that door is a life of gold. I’m not talking money, I’m talking wisdom, inner strength, outer strength, self-power, confidence, positivity; a life that you can only imagine unless you choose.

My smile says it all. I am truly much happier in my life and with myself since I have CHOSEN to change. I know not many people have made that commitment and know that I was there myself once. I feel it’s important to share the harsh reality that it takes igf-des effort and a seriously fierce attitude to make this happen. Sometimes only the person working for something like this can find that themselves, but if I can give a helping hand as to the tools you need, I am all for it. I want to help people think about it from a different point of view. To realize that your mind is where it all starts. The commitment, the choice. Any one can do this. The door is ready to be opened by anyone and no one will be shut out. It’s your choice. That’s what it comes down to. Are you ready?