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Pharmaqo has created IGF DES as a modified version of IGF-1. This variation of the growth hormone is at least 5 times stronger than its counterpart with a much shorter half-life. IGF-1 is a growth hormone that plays a very important role in the development of cells and muscles in humans. Because of IGF DES’s short half-life of 20-30 minutes, it can be used as a localized enhancement, meaning that the site of the injection will be more prone to the positive effects than other areas of the body although effects will still be apparent in other areas as well. Some of the beneficial effects users can expect from this peptide are increased cell and muscle repair, healthier-looking skin, lean muscle gains (especially at the injection site), stronger bones, stronger immune system, and anti-aging effects. Buy IGF DES 1mg in our online store. It’s for sale at a good price, and can be shipped anywhere in the US by mail. 

IGF DES in bodybuilding

There are several things each bodybuilder should keep in mind before starting to use IGF DES in bodybuilding. First, it is important to remember that while this peptide is known to be safe and effective, it can still cause some side effects. These include muscle fatigue, joint pain, and unwanted weight gain.Bodybuilders should be aware of the possible risks before using IGF DES in their bodybuilding routines. The benefits for this peptide are that it can potentially reduce both recovery time and muscle soreness after a hard workout session.

Next is that in bodybuilding, IGF DES can provide several positive effects such as increased endurance, increased growth hormone levels, and lowered cortisol levels. As with any type of supplement or drug, bodybuilders should be aware of all the risks and benefits of IGF DES use before undertaking such a regimen.

The recommended dosage for IGF DES is 50-150mcg to be administered 15 minutes before the beginning of a workout. The dose can be divided if more than one injection site is preferred to have the localized effects spread into different areas of the body. The cycle should not last more than 6 weeks. 

Some of the side effects that may be experienced are temporary fluid retention, joint pain, headaches, aching muscles, acne, and nausea. Side effects are generally caused by taking too much of the peptide, or by continuing the cycle for too long. It’s important to note that this does promote the growth of cells, which means if cells are cancerous, it will also promote the growth of those cells.



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