Melanotan 2 10mg

Melanotan 2 10mg

Melanotan 2 10mg

Buy Melanotan 2 10mg by Euro-Pharmacies with the delivery to the USA and worldwide!

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Substance: MSH

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Created by Euro-Pharmacies, Melanotan 2 10mg is a peptide that is injected by the user as an alternative to spending time in the sun to achieve the tanned complexion that bodybuilders want to show great muscle definition. It also has other benefits to it, such as decreasing compulsive behavior, fighting hunger, increasing libido, and helping to control addiction. Buy Melanotan 2 10mg in our online store. It’s for sale at a good price, and can be shipped anywhere in the US by mail. 

Created as a synthetic version of the hormones that stimulate alpha-melanocyte levels in the human body, it is a helpful addition for competitive athletes. The dosage levels depend on the skin type of the user. For people with very fair skin, a dosage of 30-50mg is recommended. For those with moderately fair skin, the dosage needed is 20-30mg. For those who can tan without any major problems in the sun, the dosage is decreased to 10-20mg. It is important to start with a lower dosage to begin with and increase slowly or the skin can turn a yellowish color. The dosage cycle can be done once every 3 days until the skin tone desired is achieved. 

Side effects that can occur from M2 are usually attributed to the individual taking an incorrect dosage amount. Some of the side effects that users have experienced in the past are nausea, dizziness, headache, feeling lethargic, and white patches on the skin. Individual dosage can vary widely, so it is important to start with smaller doses and see how your body reacts.



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