AOD 9604 2mg

AOD 9604 2mg

AOD 9604 2mg

Buy AOD 9604 2mg by Ultima Pharma with the delivery to the USA and worldwide!

Category: Growth Hormones & Peptides

Substance: HGH

Package: 1 vial/2 mh



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Ultima Peptides has developed AOD 9604 as an injectable peptide that acts as a modified synthetic version of HGH. Also known as the anti-obesity peptide, this allows users to stimulate lipolysis, inhibit lipogenesis, and regulate metabolism to lose weight much quicker than they would normally with exercise and diet alone. It also comes with the added bonus of having no impact on blood sugar levels that HGH can have, which makes it a safer option as well. Buy AOD 9604 2mg in our online store. It’s for sale at a good price, and can be shipped anywhere in the US by mail. 

It is typical to administer a dose of 300mcg per day, which can be done in one dose or up to 3 doses throughout the day. It has been noted that a single dose in the morning should be enough to sustain the treatment throughout the day.  It is recommended to do the injection on an empty stomach for a minimum of 30 minutes before eating. The cycle length should be up to 40 days in length. 

This is an extremely safe peptide and has no major side effects, making it one of the preferred additions to a weight-loss campaign compared to many alternatives on the market. Like any injectable though, there can be effects that occur around the injection site such as redness, irritation, or swelling. 



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